Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield

Catalytic converter theft is a particularly prevalent crime among Toyota Tundra trucks. With four converters located near the engine and two further back underneath, thieves can easily cut one out in minutes with ease.

That’s why you need to protect your catalytic with a cat shield or guard for the 2007+ Toyota Tundra. We’ve sourced several options that will help prevent theft and provide peace of mind.


One of the biggest issues Toyota Tundra owners encounter is converter theft. The truck features four catalytic converters, two located near the engine and two at the rear near mufflers.

Unfortunately, catalytic are highly valuable and often stolen due to their exposed location. These converters contain precious metals such as Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium which help regulate exhaust emissions.

Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield
Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield

Thieves with battery-powered saws can cut a car apart in 30 seconds. That is why many car theft prevention devices such as wireless camera systems serve to deter converter thieves.

Installing car theft prevention products is usually a relatively straightforward task. Many of them even come with security bolts and hand tools to make the job even simpler for you.


Toyota Tundras have long been a prime target for converter thieves due to their factory suspension height, which allows an experienced criminal to easily slip under the truck and cut one out with a battery-operated saw.

Catalytic Converter Theft in the Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield

Unfortunately, a missing catalytic converter will prevent your vehicle from passing emissions testing and can lead to higher gas prices and expensive fines. To avoid such expenses, park your Tundra in a garage or install a motion-sensor light in your driveway for extra safety.

A catalytic anti-theft shield for your Toyota Tundra can protect its catalytic converters from theft. This shield includes adhesive rubber bumpers to secure them in appropriate spots, along with tamper proof security bolts to fasten it onto your vehicle.


Toyota Tundra catalytic are a prime target for thieves due to their high value on the black market. They contain valuable metals such as rhodium, platinum, and palladium which make them valuable commodities.

Catalytic converters are essential in protecting your car from emissions that pollute the atmosphere, filtering them out of the exhaust. Unfortunately, they’re easy to steal and expensive to replace if ever necessary.

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of catalytic converter theft is using a physical anti-theft shield. These devices create an impenetrable wire cage around your car’s catalytic converters.

Another great option is having them laser etched and tagged. This will make it harder for someone to sell on the black market.

Many companies provide this service. Some even do it for you, etching your car’s VIN and marking it to prevent thieves from using it.


A catalytic converter is a device used to transform hazardous gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into less hazardous components. It typically consists of precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium.

The Toyota Tundra, like many vehicles, contains a high concentration of metals which make them attractive targets for thieves. There are various methods available to protect your catalytic converters from theft; however, the most effective approach is taking proactive measures.

One way to prevent catalytic converter theft is installing an anti-theft shield on the converter. This will deter thieves and make it simpler for authorities to identify a stolen vehicle and arrest its perpetrator.

The 2007+ Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shield is an effective way to safeguard your car’s catalytic converter from thieves. This two-piece design covers both front and rear catalytic converters, featuring tamper-proof hardware so thieves cannot remove it from your vehicle.

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