Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Skid Plate

Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Skid Plate! A catalytic converter skid plate is a great way to protect your catalytic converter from prying hands. If you’re interested in this type of product, keep reading to learn more about some of the best options out there.

Protect your catalytic converter from prying hands

If you have a Toyota Tundra, you probably know that the catalytic converter is a target of thieves. That is why it makes sense to get a catalytic converter skid plate. It will protect your precious investment, and it is a good idea to buy a quality one.

Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Skid Plate
Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Skid Plate

While you may think that a catalytic converter is a difficult item to steal, you would be surprised to learn that it can be removed from your vehicle in under two minutes. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), catalytic converter thefts increased by 325% from January to March of 2019.

The NICB also reported that a physical anti-theft shield is the only way to keep your catalytic converter safe from opportunistic thieves. However, these types of protections come at a price. They cost between $1000 and $2000. Fortunately, there are more affordable options available.

One such solution is the MillerCat Shield. This heavy-gauge aluminum skid plate is designed for the Tundra and Sequoia and is compatible with 2008-2023 models.

ADD Automotive offers a wide range of catalytic converter shields

If you own a Toyota Tundra, you may want to consider installing catalytic converter shields. These protection devices are a good way to help keep your expensive catalytic converters safe from thieves. The federal government and state governments have been cracking down on the theft of these components.

Catalytic converters can be a tempting target for thieves, as they are made from high-priced materials and contain precious metals. In recent years, catalytic converter theft has increased. Some of the most common victims are Toyotas and Prius models.

A catalytic converter is a part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Its purpose is to remove harmful compounds from your exhaust emissions. Normally, it is installed inline with the exhaust. However, if the converter is exposed, it is easy for thieves to steal.

There are several different catalytic converter shields available, and many come with tamper-proof screws and removal tools. You can purchase a catalytic converter shield that is specifically designed for the Toyota Tundra.

MillerCat Shield for Tundra is a rock crawling, skid plate

If you’re looking to protect your catalytic converters, you’ll want to check out the MillerCat Shield for Toyota Tundra. The shield’s main job is to protect your catalytic converters, but it also acts as a mild skid plate. Its patented design uses recessed hardware to ensure proper airflow.

The MillerCat Shield for Toyota Tundra is available in two sizes, one for TRD skid plates and another for 4WD Tundras. Both models are made from heavy-duty aluminum. In addition, the company offers excellent customer service. This company makes a variety of products ranging from catalytic converter guards and accessories to rock crawling, skid plates.

The TRD Pro skid plate has a nice looking powder coated finish. However, you’ll need to drill the RCI trans skid to mount it. As well, you’ll need a riv nut tool to install it. Luckily, a quick search on Amazon should give you one for around $15.

While the MillerCat Shield for Toyota Tundra has no competition when it comes to protecting your catalytic converters, it certainly makes a strong case for itself as a good catalytic converter guard.

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