Tips to Prevent Toyota Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converters are an integral part of your car’s emissions control system. They filter out smog-causing gases that would otherwise pollute the inside of your vehicle. Tips to Prevent Toyota Catalytic Converter Theft!

But they’re also a prime target for thieves, who view them as valuable pieces of metal that can be sold on the scrap market for cash.

1. Park in a Secured Location

If you’re worried about catalytic converter theft, there are several steps you can take to make your car less attractive a target. One of the most crucial is parking in an area where thieves will have difficulty taking your car without being noticed.

Tips to Prevent Toyota Catalytic Converter Theft
Tips to Prevent Toyota Catalytic Converter Theft

Generally, parking in areas with high foot traffic and bright lighting will deter thieves from targeting your vehicle. Similarly, locking and alarm-equipped garages also help deter burglars from trying to take your catalytic converter.

One way to deter theft is installing a security device, such as an over-catalytic converter guard that fits over the converter. These guards are made to be hard to remove and usually welded into place for added strength. They can also be engraved with your vehicle’s VIN number to help track down if stolen; further making it harder for thieves to resell on the black market.

2. Install Security Devices

Tips to Prevent Toyota Catalytic Converter Theft are expensive components of a car, so you don’t want them stolen. These devices reduce emissions and safeguard your engine from damage.

Thieves are increasingly targeting catalytic converters as they contain precious metals more valuable than gold and can easily be removed from vehicles.

How to Protect Your 2019 Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter From Anti-Theft
Tips to Prevent Toyota Catalytic Converter Theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports a dramatic spike in catalytic converter thefts over the past year due to an uptick in precious metal prices and disruption to supply chains.

In addition to having your VIN number engraved on the converter, NICB suggests parking in a secure area such as a garage or lot. Furthermore, it’s ideal to leave your vehicle in an area that’s well lit for added safety.

3. Have Your VIN Number Engraved on the Converter

Making your converter stand out from competitors and deter thieves is easy with an engraver tool. This is a great way to make it stand out from others and deter theft attempts.

Tracking down your catalytic converter if it is stolen is made much harder by its etching. Furthermore, this makes it harder for thieves to sell or recycle the converter at a profit.

You can have your VIN number permanently etched onto a catalytic converter by visiting a dealership or other business that provides this service. These events usually cost-free and occur several times annually.

Protect Your Toyota Tundra With an Anti-Theft Shield
Protect Your Toyota Tundra With an Anti-Theft Shield

An expert engraver can permanently mark your catalytic converter with a design that will remain on your vehicle for years. This is an effective first line of defense against potential car thieves.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

Your car’s catalytic converter is an essential element of its operation. It helps prevent the emission of smog-causing gases into the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, these parts are also vulnerable to theft – leading to costly repairs. Therefore, it’s essential that you take measures to safeguard your car against catalytic converter theft.

If you believe your catalytic converter has been stolen, contact your insurance company right away. They will inspect local security cameras and work to identify who might be responsible.

Additionally, you should park your car in a secure area such as a garage or lot with surveillance cameras. Thieves are far less likely to target a car that’s parked openly on an open street.

If your catalytic converter has been stolen, contact the police right away. They may be able to identify who took it and file a report for you.

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