Protect Your Toyota Tundra With Cat Security

Toyota Tundra catalytic converters are a prime target for thieves due to their precious metal content – platinum, palladium and rhodium.

One of the best ways to protect your catalytic converters is with an anti-theft shield. These can be installed quickly and easily in just an hour or two, making your vehicle much less appealing to thieves!

1. Cat Plates

Catalytic converters can be costly to replace, so it’s wise to do whatever is necessary to keep them secure. One way is parking your Toyota Tundra in a secure lot or garage. Another is installing an anti-theft device of some sort.

Protect Your Toyota Tundra With Cat Security
Protect Your Toyota Tundra With Cat Security

Cat plates are clever covers that protect both front and rear catalytic converters from theft. While not as secure as a solid cover, they still offer some protection and can usually be installed within an hour or two.

There are a wide variety of cat plate choices, but the Miller CatShield stands as the premier option for your truck or SUV. This 3/16” aluminum plate not only protects your catalytic converters but also looks great. Fitting on all 2007-2023 Tundras and 2008-2023 Sequoias models, this sleek design is made from lightweight yet tough aluminum alloy material.

2. Cat Shields

Maintaining the health of your Toyota Tundra catalytic converters is one of the most essential steps you can take to keep them secure. Catalytic converters contain a substantial amount of precious metals and can be expensive to replace if not kept properly.

Cat Security and the Toyota Tundra 4x4
Cat Security and the Toyota Tundra 4×4

There are many ways to protect a catalytic converter from theft, but one of the most effective is using physical anti-theft shields. These devices are easy to install and will make it more difficult for thieves to break into your vehicle.

In addition to safeguarding your catalytic converters from theft, these shields also shield your engine. In fact, some of the best catalytic converter shields are made from stainless steel with advanced engineering and design technologies for maximum protection.

3. Cat Etching

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4. Cat Locks

Toyota Tundras have long been a target for catalytic converter thieves, so it’s no shock there are products on the market to protect your prized part. One option is an individual catalytic converter shield (cc cover). These custom-fit products for your model make stealing much harder – you just have to get the right one for your truck! Plus, installation usually takes only an hour or two so there’s no downtime while keeping valuable components out of criminals’ hands. A great way to keep valuable parts safe while making them much harder for thieves!

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