Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Cat Shield

If you’ve noticed your Toyota Tundra‘s catalytic converter is missing or damaged, installing a cat shield may be wise. This will protect against thieves taking advantage of what could potentially be an expensively replaceable catalytic converter.

Toyota Tundras are particularly vulnerable to catalytic converter thefts due to their precious metal-containing catalytic converters – platinum, rhodium and palladium.


The Toyota Tundra is a reliable truck ideal for off-road use. It also makes an excellent choice for those needing to transport large loads on a regular basis.

Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Cat Shield
Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Cat Shield

However, many Toyota owners experience catalytic converter theft as a common issue. These components are easily stolen and become prime targets for thieves who can quickly remove them.

Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions for protecting the catalytic converters on your Tundra. My top pick is Miller CatShield, which is specifically designed for 2007-2023 Toyota Tundras and Sequoias.

This skid plate covers the front catalytic converters and serves as a skid plate. Crafted out of heavy gauge aluminum, it looks good and fits securely without needing drilling or modification for installation. Not only is this cage more durable than other catalytic converter cages available on the market, but it’s also very affordable.


Toyota and MillerCAT have joined forces to offer a cat shield that shields your truck’s catalytic converter for just $140 at select Toyota and Lexus dealers – no drilling necessary! This product is available at both dealerships for purchase now.

The catalytic converter is an essential element of your vehicle’s exhaust system. It removes hazardous compounds from engine exhaust emissions using platinum, rhodium and palladium catalysts.

Catalytic converters can also be a prime target for thieves, particularly in large parking lots at businesses and malls.

As a police investigator, I often encountered Toyotas as prime targets for cat converter theft. Due to their higher use of precious metals to improve fuel economy, thieves often want to take advantage of them by scrapping the parts.

The cat shield for your Toyota tundra is an effective way to safeguard its catalytic converter. Installation is effortless, requires no drilling and features proprietary security hardware that deters thieves.


Toyota provides a bumper-to-bumper warranty that protects nearly all parts of the vehicle, including the powertrain. The Basic Coverage lasts three years or 36,000 miles, while the Emission Control Warranty offers eight years or 80,000 miles in coverage on key components like the engine control module and catalytic converter.

However, if you want to truly protect your Tundra from potential thieves, the best way to do it is by making it as difficult as possible for them to steal it in the first place. A cat shield is an effective solution for this purpose and there are various models available on the market.

The Best Catalytic Converter Shield For the 2012 Toyota Tundra
Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Cat Shield

One of the most popular models is Miller CatShield, featuring a 304 stainless steel plate that not only looks good but also protects your catalytic converters from theft. Plus, it comes with several patented features like tamper proof security bolts.

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Toyota Tundra cat shields are widely available and provide excellent protection for your truck’s catalytic converter. Installation is a breeze – most can be completed within an hour or two.

It is essential to remember that this deterrent is not 100% effective, as thieves can still cut through them. However, it does help slow them down and make it less likely that they will target your vehicle.

Modding any car requires compromise, and it is wise to find the ideal balance between comfort and performance. This is especially pertinent for trucks like the Tundra which have plenty of power but also some drawbacks.

Fortunately, there are plenty of performance upgrades for the Toyota Tundra that you can do to enhance its capabilities. These include sway bars, suspension upgrades and other parts which help improve handling and speed.

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