Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Shield

A catalytic converter is a device that reduces exhaust emissions by filtering the most harmful gases out of your vehicle’s engine. It also improves fuel efficiency and boosts power.

Unfortunately, Toyota Tundras are one of the most popular targets for catalytic converter thieves. These vehicles are easier to steal than most cars due to their height and ground clearance.

Custom Fit

If you are looking to prevent catalytic converter theft in your Toyota Tundra, a catalytic converter shield is a great solution. They are custom-fit for the vehicle and easy to install.

Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Shield
Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Shield

They are also very difficult to cut through making it much more difficult for thieves to steal your catalytic converters.

Another advantage of the catalytic converter shield toyota tundra is that it can help you get a discount on your auto insurance. This is because insurance companies want to see that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft and other security measures.

You may be able to get up to 40% of your training costs back from the state through the Utah Custom Fit program. This is available to businesses of all sizes in Duchesne, Uintah and Daggett counties that pay state taxes.

Easy to Install

Toyota Tundra catalytic converters are a popular target for thieves because they contain precious metals used to reduce emissions. This makes it very easy for an experienced thief to cut one out of the vehicle in a matter of seconds.

This is why Toyota has partnered with MillerCAT to offer catalytic converter shields for new Toyota and Lexus models. These shields are simple to install and come with tamper proof screws to discourage would-be thieves from attempting to steal the catalytic converter.

In addition, these shields are designed to fit with Toyota’s off-road skid plates. This makes them a great choice for those who want to use their car for off-roading.


A catalytic converter is a critical part of your vehicle’s emissions system. Without it, your Tundra won’t be able to pass emissions testing.

A Toyota Tundra’s catalytic converters are located under the truck inline with the exhaust on both sides, right about where the front doors are. They’re fully exposed and easy to steal.

2010 Toyota Tundra
Protect Your Toyota Tundra With a Catalytic Converter Shield

Fortunately, there are commercially available options to protect your catalytic converters from thieves. Some are simple aluminum plates that cover your front and rear catalytic converters. Others are more sophisticated cages and shields.

Some of the better shields offer multiple layers of security to make it difficult for thieves to cut through the device. They also use tamper proof screws to attach the shield to your vehicle.

Easy to Clean

The catalytic converter is a key part of your vehicle’s exhaust system that cleans harmful gases from your exhaust. It consists of a mesh of precious metals that act as catalysts to convert these gases into less toxic ones like water and carbon dioxide.

It is important to clean the catalytic converter to avoid clogging. If it is dirty, you may notice that your car’s performance and fuel economy suffer.

Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to keep your catalytic converter clean and prevent theft. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a cat shield.

These cat shields are made of thick aluminum, which makes them difficult to cut through. They are a great way to keep your Toyota Tundra catalytic converter safe from thieves.

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