How to Protect Your 2019 Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter From Anti-Theft

Catalytic converters reduce harmful emissions from your vehicle’s exhaust system. They are prone to theft due to the precious metals they contain like palladium, rhodium and platinum that can go for thousands of dollars on the black market.

Toyota Tundras have become popular targets for catalytic converter thieves. They have four catalytic converters that are easy to access and steal.

1. VIN Number Etching

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-character alphanumeric that distinguishes your car from another. It is stamped on many parts of your car and is used to track the history of your vehicle, including registration and repair invoices.

VIN etching is an auto theft prevention method that makes it harder for thieves to sell stolen catalytic converters on the black market. It also helps to make them less desirable for scrap metal and parts dealers.

How to Protect Your 2019 Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter From Anti-Theft
How to Protect Your 2019 Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter From Anti-Theft

It is a relatively easy process that does not take long to complete. Some dealerships even include a fee for VIN etching when you buy your car.

2. Cat Shield

A catalytic converter is a part of your vehicle’s exhaust system that cleans harmful pollutants. It contains precious metals, such as platinum, rhodium and palladium, to help lower emissions.

Unfortunately, these precious metals can be worth a fortune when stolen. Thieves can sell these catalytic converters to scrap metal dealers, who pay hundreds of dollars for them.

It can cost $6,000 or more to replace a set of catalytic converters for a truck like the Toyota Tundra.

Thankfully, there are many ways to protect your catalytic converters from thieves. One of the best is by installing a catalytic converter shield.

3. Cat Eye

If you have a 2nd Gen Toyota Tundra or Sequoia with catalytic converters, there are a few commercially available options for protecting yours. I personally love the Miller Cat Eye because it activates a 130dB computer-generated multi-pitch alarm that turns the confined space under your vehicle into a painful echo chamber before a thief is even in range!

A catalytic converter is more susceptible to theft than a car’s engine. Its less likely to have a serial number, so it can be hard to trace. In addition, the less energy an engine uses, the more precious metals remain inside the converter, making it a much more valuable piece of property.

How Many Catalytic Converters Are in a 2019 Toyota Tundra?
How Many Catalytic Converters Are in a 2019 Toyota Tundra?

4. CatClamp

There are several devices on the market that can add a layer of physical protection to your cat converters. The CatClamp catalytic converter lock is a great choice for those that want an easy way to secure their cat converter.

A catalytic converter is one of the most expensive parts in a vehicle and it can cost you thousands to replace. Unfortunately, thieves know this and are looking for an easy target.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that catalytic converter thefts increased from 1,298 in 2018 to 14,433 in 2020. That increase correlates with the rising prices of palladium and rhodium, which are used to make converters.

5. Anti-Theft Plates

Catalytic converters filter harmful emissions out of the exhaust, reducing your car’s emissions. However, they contain precious metals like Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium that are highly valuable on the black market.

This makes them very popular targets for thieves. Fortunately, there are several ways you can prevent catalytic converter theft on your Toyota Tundra.

One way is to park your Tundra in a garage or in a well-lit area with video surveillance. Another is to invest in a great wireless camera system that will send you a notification if someone attempts to steal your truck.

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