Catalytic Converter Theft in Your Toyota

The catalytic converter is an essential element of your car’s emissions control system. It utilizes platinum, rhodium and palladium to transform harmful gases like carbon monoxide into less hazardous ones as well as water. Catalytic Converter Theft in Your Toyota!

Catalytic converters are particularly vulnerable to theft because they contain valuable metals and can be sold for cash by thieves in scrap yards or by individuals looking for easy targets. Toyota hybrid cars in particular tend to be targeted for this purpose.

Theft Deterrent Devices

Catalytic converters are among the most expensive components on a car, making them prime targets for thieves who will take them, sell them to scrap metal dealers and pocket the valuable metals inside.

Catalytic Converter Theft in Your Toyota
Catalytic Converter Theft in Your Toyota

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports a nationwide spike in catalytic converter thefts over one year, prompting state legislators to pass legislation restricting who can purchase and sell these units.

Toyota has taken steps to protect its cars against theft by launching a factory-backed option extra that helps stop catalytic converter theft.

A physical metal shield attached to the underside of a vehicle and covering the catalytic converter makes this type of security measure highly effective against catalytic converter theft as it takes advantage of vehicle structural rigidity to make them difficult to cut off.

Security Devices

Catalytic converters are essential elements of the exhaust system, transforming harmful gases into less hazardous emissions. As such, they have become highly valuable assets and thieves are actively targeting them.

Reports indicate catalytic converter theft has seen a meteoric rise in recent years due to rising metal prices and supply chain problems. The Prius is particularly vulnerable, as it contains more precious metals than other vehicles.

Therefore, it’s essential to take steps to safeguard your vehicle. You can make the catalytic converter more difficult for thieves by using tamper-proof bolts and rigid materials.

Catalytic Converter Theft in the Toyota Tundra
Catalytic Converter Theft in Your Toyota

MillerCAT, a company that specializes in automotive security products, has created a catalytic converter shield. Available at Toyota dealers for $140 and easily installed without drilling or welding, this shield takes only minutes to install without needing special tools or knowledge of automotive mechanics.

Brightly Colored Spray Paint

A catalytic converter is an essential element of your vehicle’s exhaust system, turning toxic gases into less hazardous ones and helping reduce air pollution.

Unfortunately, catalytic converters are a prime target for car thieves due to their precious metal contents: platinum, rhodium and palladium.

These items can be quickly stolen using a pneumatic car jack or cordless saw, and then sold on to scrap yards.

Recent thefts of catalytic converters have become more frequent. Police are encouraging drivers to protect their car’s converter.

Spray paint can be an effective deterrent, especially if it’s brightly colored and temperature-resistant. Not only does this make the converter less desirable to scrap merchants, but it could also alert law enforcement of a theft.

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise nationwide, with Toyota Priuses becoming a particularly lucrative target. Additionally, Toyota Tundra pickup trucks have also become common targets of thieves.

Scratch the VIN Number

Catalytic converters are used to clean up exhaust gas from your car, turning it into less harmful substances and water vapour. They’re typically constructed out of precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium.

The price of these precious metals has gone up, making them a prime target for thieves looking to make an easy profit. Toyota, Lexus and Honda vehicles are the most common targets of catalytic converter theft; however, any model of vehicle could potentially be targeted as well.

To protect your converter from theft, take these simple steps:

If you have the funds, consider engraving or painting your VIN number on the catalytic converter. Doing this can deter thieves and scrap yards from selling it.

Registering your catalytic converter with law enforcement makes it much simpler for them to track your car should it be recovered later. Furthermore, registering it gives them additional information that they can use in investigating a crime.

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