2019 Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter

Toyota is one of the most popular brands in the automotive world, and their trucks are no exception. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t get targeted by catalytic converter thieves.

While it’s not easy to steal a catalytic converter from your Toyota Tundra, you can stop thieves in their tracks by installing a catalytic converter shield.


Catalytic converters are one of the most expensive auto parts on your Toyota Tundra, so it’s no surprise that they are a popular target for thieves. They contain precious metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium that can fetch thousands of dollars on the black market.

While it’s hard to prevent theft completely, you can take some steps to deter thieves. For starters, try to park your Toyota Tundra in a garage or a well-lit area with motion-sensor lights and security cameras.

2019 Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter
2019 Toyota Tundra Catalytic Converter

Another effective way to protect your catalytic converter is to install a cat shield. These can be purchased from MillerCAT and are a great option for most Toyota models. Unlike other CC shields on the market, these will be custom fit to your vehicle and can typically be installed in an hour or two. They are also a good deterrent for thieves, as most will move on to other vehicles that are less protected.


The 2019 toyota tundra catalytic converter comes with a warranty that lasts 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Toyota offers several types of factory warranties for new vehicles and accessories.

The basic warranty covers repairs and adjustments related to defects in materials or workmanship, excluding normal wear and maintenance items. It also includes a corrosion perforation warranty and tire and wheel coverage.

How Many Catalytic Converters Are in a 2019 Toyota Tundra?
How Many Catalytic Converters Are in a 2019 Toyota Tundra?

Another important factor to consider when choosing a car warranty is its customer service. Reputable extended car warranty companies are focused on delivering superior customer service and responding quickly to customer requests.

Toyota has a reputation for being one of the most reliable vehicle manufacturers in the world, but even the most dependable cars can need repairs. This is why a warranty from one of the best car warranty companies can be an invaluable investment. It can protect you from costly repairs and help you get back on the road sooner.


Catalytic converters are the heart of your Toyota Tundra’s emissions control system. They convert harmful gasses like carbon monoxide into less harmful gases and water, and are important for driving safely.

The 2019 Toyota Tundra has four catalytic converters. These are located underneath the vehicle and near the front and rear mufflers.

Thieves love to swipe these valuable components because they contain precious metals such as Platinum, Rhodium, and Palladium that are available on the black market for thousands of dollars per ounce.

Unfortunately, catalytic converter theft is an increasingly popular crime and one that costs owners a significant amount of money to replace. That’s why it’s so important to find a solution to protect your catalytic converters from theft.


Catalytic converters are a critical part of any car. They reduce harmful exhaust emissions and improve engine efficiency by converting airborne pollutants into less toxic gasses.

A typical Toyota Tundra has four catalytic converters, two in front near the engine and two further back underneath the truck. These are easy to steal since they are fully exposed and not tucked into the engine.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market to help protect your Tundra catalytic converters from theft. Some are simple cages or plates that will cover your front and rear catalytic converters.

Others are more specialized devices that fit your specific model of Tundra. They will also come with tamper proof security bolts for fastening them to your vehicle.

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